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Magic Glow in the Dark Room Sign

This enchanting sign is the brain child of a coworker so I’m not bragging when I say this might be the coolest thing ever done with transfer paper. In case you’re not sure how it works, by using a mixture of Glow in the Dark for Light Fabric transfer paper, Glow in the Dark for Dark transfer paper and plain old Dark Fabric Transfer paper, this glow sign says “Emma’s Room” when it is light and “Goodnight Emma” when it is dark! It isn’t hard and you can make it with any name! I’ll show you how:

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Take a look at the breakdown of what papers go where before you start printing.

  2. Now that you understand what goes where, let’s start printing! First print your dark transfer letters. Remember you don’t need to mirror or flip when using dark transfer! Print the name only on Glow in the Dark for Dark Fabrics and the ‘S and “room” on regular dark fabric transfer paper. Either cut out by hand or use a cutting machine!
  3. Creating the “invisible” goodnight is a bit trickier. There are two ways you can accomplish this with Glow in the Dark for Light Fabric Transfer paper. 

Option 1: If you have a cutting machine, simply load the goodnight text into your cutting machine after you mirror or flip it. Then cut out of the transfer paper with the print (unlined) side of the transfer paper up.

Option 2: If you don’t have a cutting machine there are a few more steps to go through. First, print the word goodnight on the BACK (lined) side of the transfer paper and do NOT mirror or flip it.

Wait for about 10 minutes for the ink to dry. The lined side of the paper is not meant to be printed so it will not dry immediately. Once it is dry, carefully cut out the letters.

4. Place the goodnight transfer side down at the top left of the canvas. Iron according to the instructions and peel while it is still hot.

5. Peel the backing paper from the other letters and place them printed side up in the canvas.

6. Cover with parchment paper and iron according to the instructions.

7. Turn out the lights and watch the magic!


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