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Surprise Family Road Trip to Amusement Park!

Nothing says SURPRISE like a surprise trip to your kids' favorite amusement park!!!!  I created the puzzle to motivate the kids to read books this summer.  Each book they read they got a puzzle piece added to our "reward box".  After all the pieces were in the award box I had them put the puzzle together.  THEY LOVED IT!  I'm not sure there are enough caps and exclamation points to highlight their enthusiasm!!!  I sort of felt like I won Mom Of The Year!  

Mom of the Year!


The NuFun DIY Puzzle Kit 

Super Super SUPER easy.  I made a simple design (PowerPoint you guessed it), mirrored the image, ironed it on and VOILA.  Taking the extra step of ironing with the parchment paper made for even bolder color.  

Best advice: the brighter the colors in your design the better.  

Close up of the puzzle!

Of course you can't go to Disney without personalized gear!  

Bucket Hats: Kids today are OBSESSED with bucket hats so that made it easy to figure out what to make!  I used NuFun Dark Transfer Paper to create the fun designs.  No need for special cutting with the design either, scissors is all you need as I put the words and pictures inside the maid design.  Ironing them on takes a little bit of patience - remembering to keep it flat and on a hard surface makes it go better!  


Super fun bucket hats!

 Bucket Hat with Dark Transfer


Shirts: I used NuFun Dark Transfer Paper again here.  Each got to wear their favorite type of tshirt without having to guess what I would get online from someone else making it.  And I was able to personalize the artwork based on each child.  Another huge win.  I again can't tell you how EASY this was.  Designed in a free graphic site online.  I then cut, printed, peeled and ironed.  The kids felt special in their shirts while walking through the parks!

Disney DIY Shirts




I have no idea why I have never thought of this before!  

I bought my kids' favorite shoes from Old Navy so I knew they'd be comfortable for them walking through the park.  I created a circle, added a photo to the back ground, put in some fun Disney designs, then added our phone number!!!  Just in case - you never know!  If the kids get lost, lose their backpack, whatever someone knows how to contact mom and dad!  Way better than giving my kids a phone "just in case" and them losing $1000 worth of electronics!  I received a lot of compliments on this one walking through the park.  Made my day!

An important trick on these - Make sure you find a way to keep the surface you are ironing on hard.  You must apply FIRM pressure.  I stuffed the shoes with socks and had my husband hold them in while I ironed them on.


I used NuFun Dark Transfer Paper for these as well (Dark doesn't require as much heat as the light transfer paper does)

DIY Shoes for Disney


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