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Valentines Day Wood Transfer Project

Good Morning, Today we are doing a project dedicated to Valentines Day.  Putting a picture on a piece of wood is so in right now! What better way than to mount all of your precious memories that you have with your family and friends. This was such an easy project and very inexpensive. If you are interested keep reading!

Here’s what you will need:

  1. The first step you will have to do find a picture you want to place on the wood. This is the picture I used with me and my boyfriend! (we actually took on self timer)
  2. The second step I did was to print it out on the Nufun Wood Transfer paper. Be sure to follow the directions and make sure you mirror your image!
  3. After you print, cut your image around. Try to do a bubble cut if you are able.
  4. When you finish cutting, Place your image over the wood and align how you want your image to show on the wood.
  5. Next iron the photo on to the wood for roughly two minutes. You can use a piece of parchment paper if you would like!
  6. After carefully peel to make sure your image has transfer over the entire piece of wood.
  7. You are finished! You now have a beautiful Valentines Day gift! Check out our other Social Media to get more Valentines day crafts!