Combining Fonts for a Cute Graphic T-Shirt

It's a wonder what you can do with Word, a blank t-shirt and a few sheets of light heat transfer paper! This project is a perfect example of how light transfer works with non-white fabrics. Here's the skinny: The way light fabric transfer is made, the images are printed to show up best on white fabric, the same way they show up fantastically on regular computer paper. If you tried running a different color paper through your printer, the tints and shades of the ink in your image would be impacted by that base paper color. When using a non-white garment or substrate for light fabric transfer, printing in all black is always the best bet. Sometimes color has good results on off-whites, neutrals, grays and pastels like pink and yellow. We recommend testing on a small piece of fabric (the inside of the sleeve or collar, for example) before trying a full color print on the garment. In this project, we used a number of fun, free fonts in Word to create a mixed font graphic t-shirt. Printed on our Glow-in-the-Dark for Light Fabric Transfer, this shirt makes a super cute pj top!