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Custom DIY Wooden Clock

Easy custom DIY wooden clock just in time for day light savings!  Want a fun easy project to do by yourself or with a group of friends this DIY clock is calling your name!  This project takes around 10 minutes and who wouldn’t want to add a custom clock to make any room stand out!  Keep reading to find out how to exactly make it!

Here’s what you will need to transfer on to a wood clock!

  • 1 sheet NuFun Activities Wood Transfer
  • Scissors
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Iron
  • Wooden clock (available at any craft store)
  • Wooden clock kit (the hands, screws, etc)
  1. Choose a quote or background. Any style you pick will work awesome with NuFun activities transfer paper.  The background that I chose was a quote that has been quite popular over the last few years.  Credit to Mirror or Flip and follow the instructions that NuFun provides you with
  1. I ended up printing mine on two different sheets so it would completely cover the clock. Depending on what size your clock is you may need to do the same thing if not make sure you cover the whole clock and skip to step 4.


  1. Because I overlapped mine I taped together so they were even and would not lose my placement. After, cut the overlapping piece as much as you can so it feels like one sheet. This will help you transfer easily.

  1. Then simply place your photo/background where you want it to lay on the custom DIY wooden clock. Lightly ironing the whole piece of the transfer paper it will keep it in place. Then continue to follow the instructions on the transfer paper package.

  1. Peel the back of the paper while the transfer paper is still hot. If some spots are not completely covered simply put the paper back down and add more heat. Then continue to iron until the image is transferred completely. It took me around 10 minutes to iron


  1. Enjoy! If you would like to seal the Custom DIY wooden clock feel free to give it your own look! For references we did not seal the clock used.

Have any questions about this Easy custom DIY wooden clock? Feel free to email us at