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DIY - Christmas Plaid Signs

So excited Christmas is right around the corner! If you are still looking for gifts to give check out what we are going to be making today! It is a plaid Christmas sign. I am going to be giving these to my family and friends! Super easy gift to give and make! If you are interested in this, keep scrolling!

Here is what you will need:

  • Fabric- I used plaid but you can pick out whatever you want (I bought mine at Joann’s)
  • Scissors
  • Picture frames (I also got mine at Joann’s)
  • NuFun Dark Transfer paper
  • Inkjet printer
  • Cricut or another cutting machine
  1. The first thing I did was to take a piece of cardboard and made it the size of the the picture frames for me it was 8×10.
  2. Then, I cut the fabric leaving around an inch around the cardboard. So I can glue the fabric to the 8×10 cardboard.
  3. After, I glued it to the back of the cardboard making the fabric tight and firm.
  4. Create your design. Microsoft word works great. Create a cut file for your cutting machine.
  5. Cut your design. Simply lay your transfer paper on the mat of your cutting machine with the white (print) side facing up and cut that way if you want plain white letters. If you want another color – or even a pattern – simply print the color on the whole transfer page and cut like you would normally!
  6. Weed the transfer. This is super easy to do with NuFun Dark Fabric Transfer, but still, take your time so as to not pull up any of the lettering!
  7. Place your weeding mask over the transfer for one sock at a time. Press the weeding mask securely onto the transfer so that each letter peels off easily

  8. After you have completed, place where you want your design to go.
  9. When you align it where you want it to go, you will then take parchment paper and iron over it! 
  10. After you iron it, wait for it to cool down and peel the mask. Because weeding masks are sticky, be careful when peeling. If the transfer tries to come with the weeding mask instead of sticking to the sock… keep ironing!
  11. You are then finished! I made 8 of these so if you want to make multiple just repeat steps 1-9!