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DIY - Decorative Pillow

Make your own DIY decorative pillow with NuFun Activites.

Who is getting excited for Thanksgiving! I know I am, Want a fun way to WOW your guest? A DIY decorative pillow is a fun gift to give or a perfect idea to customize your own! This is an easy project to make and it is very affordable! I absolutely cant wait to show mine to all my family and friends at Thanksgiving! Want to learn exactly how to make it in  6 easy steps! Keep scrolling!


Here what you will need:


  1. The first step is to create your design, I wanted to use mine to show my family and friends at Thanksgivings so I found a website that already had made a wreath. Click here if you want to use the same one!  Then added whatever saying you want onto the pillow.
  1.  The next step is using an inkjet printer, mirror your design and then print!
  1. Carefully use the scissors and round out the edges getting as close as you can! Does not have to be perfect.
  1. Transfer following the instructions that are found in your NuFun light transfer paper!


  1.  If you want to check to make sure it is transferring properly, carefully lift up one side of the transfer paper like I am doing in this photo.

  1. You are finished! Enjoy your new pillow to show off to family and friends. Such a fun and easy craft!