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Personalized Tissue Paper with Transfer Paper

Sure, we could all give gifts with boring wrapping. After all, its about the gift and not the wrapping anyway – or is it? The other day, I saw the most adorably wrapped gift and to be honest, the wrapping really upped the wow factor of an otherwise run-of-the-mill gift.

The cool part of all this is that creating a gift with wow factor doesn’t have to be a pain! It is incredibly easy to create personalized tissue paper and it can even save you money one of those expensive store-bought birthday cards they will just throw away.

Here’s what you will need to create spectacular tissue paper with transfer paper:

  1. Print your graphic. I chose to use my tissue paper as a card as well so my design is mostly text but graphics and even photos work great as well. I created his design with elements from All Free Downloads! Don’t forget to mirror/flip your image!
  2. Cut out your graphic. 
  3. Place your pillowcase/drop cloth down on your work surface. Make sure it is completely flat. You need this because the transfer often bleeds through the tissue paper (because it is so thin) and onto the surface below. Transferred table top = yuck. 
  4. Place tissue paper on pillow case and place transfer face down on top of tissue paper.
  5. Iron the transfer for about 20 seconds, making sure to cover the entire transfer.
  6. Let transfer cool completely before peeling.
  7. Peel transfer carefully. Hold down paper with one hand while peeling backing paper from transfer in order to avoid tearing the tissue paper.


    Be careful at this step!
  8. Wrap the gift!

    Who needs to add a card with tissue paper like this?