We went on a ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to highlight some of NuFun’s awesome products to make our trip personal and memorable! 

Minnesota to Florida…in a car for 2 days.  Think of all the great conversations that can be had at the many stops along the way with these unique items.  They tell a great story without reading a lot of chapters.  And we had some stories!



With this pillow case NuFun Activities Glow in the Light Transfer Paper and NuFun Activities Light Transfer Paper were utilized.  Let me explain why.

NuFun Glow in the Dark Paper is Printable!  How cool is that!  You can print images onto the paper.  Whatever is not printed on will glow!  I love to make hollow words, not filled images, etc. 

The stars.

I printed a page full of stars, cut by hand and applied throughout my pillowcase.  Zero strategy behind it, just sort of went with it.  I used my favorite - PowerPoint for the star design.

The words.

I created the words with a fun font and layered it so I had 2 “words” same font/different sizes, one with hollow effect with the other inside of it.  This way when I utilized my cricut to cut, I had an outer layer for glow!  You guessed it – I used PowerPoint for this.  (it’s just so easy for me)

The other reason I utilized NuFun Glow Light Transfer is there is no need to peel then place (mirror your image prior to printing). Light glow transfer is just like NuFun’s Light Transfer Paper; mirror image, print, then cut.  This time I had my cricut do the cutting, I then removed the excess paper from my 8.5x11 backing.  There was no need for transfer tape, realigning, losing letters, etc!  It worked AWESOME!

The sentence “or if we stop for snacks” on the bottom I utilized NuFun Light Transfer Paper; the regular stuff.  To complicated for the novice….aka me to try and make that glow.  When I applied the normal light transfer I made sure my other already applied transfers were covered in parchment paper – direct heat without a cover is not good for them!

  Kids and Grandma

Family Picture


How fun are the t-shirts for everyone in our group?  They all played out to the everyone’s personalities.  The best part  with the shirts is the kids helped!  I designed the image, but I chose not to use a cricut for the cut.  It was a simple design making manual cutting a breeze (for the kids).  Putting the words inside of the image allowed for the easy use of NuFun Activities Dark Transfer Paper

A learning on Grandma’s shirt; I accidently applied too much heat giving the grey hair a super cool look as the black from the shirt came through.  Very unintentional and frustrating when I did it, but I love when mistakes turn into useful lessons!!!

The How: I utilized a free web design site to create the graphics, printed onto the paper, had the kids cut the designs, peeled, covered in parchment paper (provided) & ironed!  Voila!




The kids are always complaining “I’m hot, I’m cold”.  I created each of them their own sweatshirt highlighting the trip.  They also got to use it once we were at our destination!

I utilized NuFun Light Transfer Paper again for this.  Have I told you how much I love the light transfer paper?  It’s easy to cut and apply!!!!  No need to have every detail cut out perfectly because what is not printed on transfers transparent.  I do cut around the pictures to clean it up a bit, but you don’t have to cut every tiny detail or the inside of the anything!  It’s AMAZING!

On the sleeves a very unique but needed detail was added – the kids’ name!  HUGE win because the kids wear the same size and this way there was no fighting over who’s was who!  Just a very easy, simple font. 

The How: I created the designs in a free web design tool that had access to the graphics, mirrored the images, printed, cut and ironed on. 


Another family road trip in the books, more personalized!