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Rustic Holiday Sign

I love making decor that is multi-purpose because if I’m going to spend time making something I want to get lots of use out of it. That’s why I love this holiday sign. The benefits of making the chalk surface with transfer paper rather than chalk paints are; no messy chalk paint and you can really give the edge of the paper a Here I made this holiday sign two ways – for Thanksgiving and Christmas! It is so easy, check it out!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. The first step is to cut your transfer paper to the size of your wood slice. I did this by placing the wood slice on the white side of the transfer paper and tracing around it to nail down the general shape.

2. Peel the backing paper from the transfer.

3. Place the transfer on your wood slice, chalkboard side up and cover with parchment paper.

4. Iron the transfer to the wood slice a per the instructions. Be sure not to iron any part of the transfer without the parchment paper over it.

5. Now take your exacto knife and carefully cut jagged edges where the bark of the wood slice naturally has peaks and valleys.Pull away the cut part of the transfer to remove it.

6. Now its time to add the ties so you can hang it. I originally thought to drill holes in the top of the sign to string through it but then I would’ve had two holes running through my writing area and I didn’t want to disrupt the smooth transfer surface. What to do? I decided to wrap the string around the piece on each side.

I tied knots in the back of the sign on each side. I made sure to situate the string within one of the valleys in the bark of the wood slice in order to make sure it stayed securely in place.

7. Use a chalk marker to write your saying!

8. To change the saying on your holiday sign for the next season, simply wipe down the chalk surface with a damp towel, let dry and write on it again!

Personalize your holiday sign with your family name, special quote and more!