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Ultimate Wedding Gift Wrapping

We have already learned the art of tissue paper transfer to amp up your gift giving but why stop there? The magic is that NuFun Activities Light Fabric Transfer can also transfer to ribbon! This is great news for anyone lucky enough to receive gifts from you. It’s getting to be that exciting time of year when everyone and their brother – maybe even your own brother(?) are getting married so I decided a wedding gift wrap post was in order! I made this tissue paper and ribbon for some friends getting married in May featuring their wedding colors.

Here’s what you’ll need for ribbon transfer:

  • 1 Sheet NuFun Activities Light Fabric Transfer
  • Light colored ribbon of choice – This works best with satin ribbon but also works with grosgrain or even sheer ribbon.
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • Iron
  1. Create your design to print. Make sure to measure or check how wide your ribbon is as this will determine how wide you will want to make your design.
  2. Print your design on the NuFun Activities paper. Make sure to mirror or flip your design!
  3. Cut the transfer paper to fit on the ribbon.
  4. Place transfer paper print side down on the ribbon and begin ironing. 
  5. Let the ribbon and transfer paper cool.
  6. Once paper and ribbon are cool, peel the backing paper carefully from the ribbon.
  7. Tie it in a bow and you’re good to go!

Add your personalized ribbon to some transferred tissue paper and your gift will be completely memorable on your loved one’s special day!

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