Mess Free Paper + Markers Tips & Tricks

Product Information:

  • What size paper does the NuFun Activities Mess Free Paper come in?
    • 8.5" x 11" and 11"x17" + and an 8.5" x 11" Coloring Book
  • Is NuFun Activities Mess Free Paper and Markers nontoxic and lead free?
    • Yes, NuFun Mess Free Paper has been tested and proven to be non-toxic and lead free. This product has been tested using USA Toxic Risk Assessment (TRA) with results meeting the requirements for classification as not toxic. This product has also been tested for heavy metals using Surface Coating Materials Test for Heavy Metals (ASTM F963-17) with lead levels at a pass rating.
  • Is this paper compatible with an Inkjet printer?
    • Easily download and print out coloring pages on standard Inkjet or Laser printers featuring your child’s favorite characters, shapes, tracing activities and educational printables. Grab a free NuFun Printable here:
  • Tip: InkJet: Print as normal, place sheet in the oven at 210°F for 10-15 min to allow the ink to set and not smear. Recommended cool down of 15-20 min prior to coloring.

          LaserJet: Print and go!

  • How do I load the transfer paper on the printer?
    • Load transfer paper into your printer so that the image is printed on the off-white side (not the bright white side of the sheet)
    • Tip: Do not mirror or flip the image before printing.
  • Do the markers write on any other surface other than the NuFun Activities Mess Free Paper?
    • The colors from our Mess Free Markers appear only on the NuFun Activities Transfer Paper, making it the ultimate stress free, mess free activity.
  • What is the age recommendation for your product?
    • As always, children crafting should be done with adult supervision, but NuFun Mess Free Paper and markers are for ages 3 years and older!
  • Does this paper work with the Crayola mess free coloring kit?
    • Yes, the NuFun Activities Mess Free paper works with all major brands' mess free coloring markers.
  • Does this work with only mess free markers or the mess free paint as well?
    • Yes, our Mess Free paper works as well with the mess free paint.