Mess Free Markers 8 Count
Mess Free Markers 8 Count
Mess Free Markers 8 Count
Mess Free Markers 8 Count

Mess Free Markers 8 Count

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Mess Free Markers 8 Count pack is compatible with NuFun Activities Mess Free coloring pages. 

MESS FREE COLORING: Colors magically appear only on the paper, never on fabric, furniture, clothing or skin! 

NO MESS MEANS NO STRESS: Great for keeping the peace during long days inside, homeschooling, classrooms, traveling with kids, rainy day activities, indoor arts and crafts, creative drawing and a perfect gift for toddlers and preschoolers.


Mess Free Paper + Markers Combo Packs are available here: 
Mess Free Paper+6 Markers 

Mess Free Paper is available here: 
Mess Free Coloring Blank Printable Sheets

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How To Use Mess Free Coloring Paper

The First-of-it's-kind
Mess Free Paper

Let's face it, keeping kids entertained can get messy! That's why NuFun Activities invented the original Mess Free Paper, the first printable paper designed to create Mess Free Coloring sheets at home for endless coloring fun!

The colors from our Mess Free Markers appear only on our paper, making it the ultimate stress free, mess free activity.

Easily print out any coloring sheets featuring your child’s favorite characters, shapes, tracing activity sheets, and educational printables.

NuFun Activities Mess Free Paper:
• Prints on standard Inkjet and Laser printers.
• Perfect for restaurants, car-rids and airplanes.  
• Great alternative to screen time for busy parents and caregivers.

NuFun Mess Free Paper is proudly made in the USA. 

Download FREE Coloring Printables Here

Five-Star Product Reviews


"There's More Than Simply Coloring To Do!

I purchased this mess-free special coloring paper after seeing how much fun my granddaughter had while using it. The markers only work on these special papers, so no marks on the furniture, walls or floors. I'll be traveling with her on an airplane for several hours, and I'm glad that she'll able to color while her mother and I won't be worried that the 2-year old's coloring might wander from the page and make a mess on the plane.
I'm most excited that I've been able to take regular coloring pages and print them on the mess-free paper with both my inkjet and laser printers. Now she has her favorite Paw Patrol and Cocomelon characters to color. Two thumbs up and I will be ordering this again."

Patti W.
Verified Purchase

"My Daughter Can't Get Enough!

This is definitely my favorite 'mom-hack.' Since I work from home, this is a perfect easy activity to keep her occupied, tracing letters, coloring etc. (we are 99% iPad/screen free). Highly recommend!"

Verified Purchase

"Game Change.

Exactly what I ordered. It's a good product for the price and my daycare kids loved it. I don't have to watch everywhere they are writing because it only works with the pens."

Verified Purchase

"Great Alternative to Color Wonder

This set is amazing! Less expensive alternative to the color wonder sets. We ordered this for our daughter to use on our long road trip and it was perfect for the car! No mess and she had a blast coloring!"

Verified Purchase

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